A couple of designs, to get the ball rolling…

Published November 15, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

The first design: the yellow emphasis comes from the fact that yellow is often associated with lunacy (ex: “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman).  Range of yellows represents diversity in lunacy.  The angled Psi represents both alternative ways of perceiving the world, and alternative views on mental health.

Same idea, but instead with upright Psi.

New design direction – black and white added, to emphasize ranges of mood/experiences.  Psi is upright, black, and with wings, denoting “psychic freedom”.

Same design, but winged Psi is in the centre of the flag.

So you probably can see the direction this is taking.  Right now we’re in the idea phase, bouncing concepts around.  If you like any of these flags, or would change something, please message me at: splitminds(a)gmail(dot)com – send your own designs as well, if you like!



4 comments on “A couple of designs, to get the ball rolling…

  • I mentioned on Side Story how sharp the yellow/black ones look, but also how they suggest to me a badass national flag….

    I was wondering what we could do with other colours associated with our experience: hospital green, and of course *white* (as in … Code White … the White Coats who are coming to take me away … the linens and those funky blazers with the wrap-around sleeves)? Or are hosp. green and white too “don’t go there” negative?

  • I love the black-to-canary scheme so much because it’s eloquent on its own. You get to see the transition from the pits of despair to the sunny world above, whilst passing through (or OVER!) institutional white….

    Maybe the psi in hopeful green, and wings that are less heraldic? Or a nice dark blue, representing a free, open sky, to pop against the yellow? Hmmm…. Tuffer than I thought….

  • Haha – yeah, I thought the same thing about the winged Psi in black after I posted it! ~ This is really starting to take off now. One suggestion someone had was that multiple flags be designed, as it will be very hard to please everyone.

    doodle: I figured stripes would be best as they denote pride and community in general, not just Gay Pride. (There are many Pride flags these days, of course.) Do you have a suggestion for a design?


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