Symbol ideas for flag…

Published November 15, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

The Psi is just one of a few ideas I’ve been playing around with as far as logos for the flag go.  I liked the idea of using it, but some people have responded negatively to it.  So, the two others I was thinking might work for the final design are:


I think both would look excellent on a flag.  The only thing is, I’m not sure who designed the first logo, and I wouldn’t want to break any copyright laws, or be accused of stealing someone’s creative property.  As for the second design, it is associated with Mind Freedom International, and I’d need to ask them permission to use a similar design.  I suppose it’s worth looking into, and I may draft sore more flags with these design ideas incorporated, just to see how others respond to them.

If anyone knows who invented the first logo, please message me at: splitminds(a)gmail(dot)com – it seems to be associated with the London, England Mad Pride scene.



10 comments on “Symbol ideas for flag…

  • how can one have a copyright on an anarchy symbol, i don’t think so…we need more earth colors. we are reacting to things going on in the world, maybe some more earth in there. good ideas so far generating! we can have a lot of flags maybe, maybe 100 flags for mad pride. make a quilt out of them, put it on the lawn in front of the APA yearly meeting where we are going to occupy psychiatry, well somebodys are…mad love, nancy una icarista

  • Actually, Nancy’s onto something with the colour scheme. We can have it grounded in, say, the “grounding” colours of brown, green, blue … but then taking off into a riotous stratosphere of colour?

  • Richard: I really like your use of the blue/green/white as a colour scheme. I don’t know if blue/green/brown would work, personally – it’s a difficult scheme to work with (rather garish), and it might look too much like an environmentalism flag (which would be a positive cause, but not the same one). I’m going to post a link to your page entry.


    • Thanks! Yeah, a dove w/ blue has too much of a Christian thing going on — and I still have fears about Scars’ inverted psi w/ P …. for the same reason ….

  • PS: I can’t find the message now, but someone suggested a dove of peace against a blue background. I feel that the dove as a symbol already has a heavy Christian bias, so I don’t think it would work. ~ I think I’m going to keep this campaign going until right before Mad Pride 2012, Toronto. Maybe we could have some kind of announcement at the 2012 festivities? Like, a flag unveiling? (I will repost this information elsewhere.)

    • Damn. Yeah. Green is like red — a colour to be used with caution…. I remember on Earth Day we tried to keep things non-partisan, but my wearing of green (in support of the planet) was considered tacit advertising for the Green Party. I want us to reclaim symbols and colours, but green is probably too tightly associated with the clinic to let itself be pulled out of that context

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