Welcome to the Mad Pride Flag Design campaign!

Published November 15, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

My name is Saraƒin and I’m a Toronto, Canada area Mad Pridester.  The other day, with some help from online friends, I started bouncing ideas around for a Mad Pride flag – something that could be easily identifiable with the Mad Pride Movement.  It would be similar to the pride flags of various other movements, such as Gay Pride’s rainbow flag, Leather Pride’s “black and blue with love”, and Trans Pride’s pink, blue, and white banner.

In only a couple of days, I received several impassioned responses to the idea, so I thought it was a good idea to set up an online campaign of sorts, to see what kind of response it generates.  I will be posting designs that I have come up with, along with any designs others would like to shoot my way.  Perhaps we could have a vote-in of sorts.

Anyway, this is just an experiment for now, but I really do think that as a movement Mad Pride should have its own flag, insignia, and/or colours.

Please forward your ideas to: splitminds(a)gmail(dot)com!


(The Fallen Cartoonist)


5 comments on “Welcome to the Mad Pride Flag Design campaign!

  • I’m inspired john lennon’s “imagine there’s no countries” in responding to this call for a flag for Mad Pride. i think people considered mad have often appeared invisible to others, yet our lives are a reflection of a society that insists on its normalcy and health at our expense. so i’m proposing two ideas, a clear flag, and a mirror flag, to celebrate Mad Pride. i don’t think there should be only ONE mad pride flag though. so i will not critique the use of any colour or symbol, except the symbol of psychiatry, psi, which for many of us has been an institution that punishes mad pride. PS i can’t find a way to upload images of these flags but the idea should be enough. thanks.

  • Yes, that’s true (re: it being difficult to mass produce mirrored and clear flags). I did find several flag manufacturers online that we could hire to make a batch of flags. I also have friends in the printing business – I could ask if they could make flags as well. They would give me a deal.

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