Latest design idea…

Published November 16, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

This latest flag design was suggested by the ever brilliant Scars Are Stories of .  Instead of using an upright or slanted Psi, she suggested that it be turned upside down, and that the spine of the Psi have a loop coming off to the side.  Doing so now means the modified Psi resembles an “MP” = Mad Pride.  It also kind of looks like a parody of the Rx (prescription symbol).  Inverted, the Psi now has a strong anti-psychiatry flavour to it.  Centred on the flag, it looks less “communist”.  (I should mention that when I was putting the symbol in the upper left hand corner, I was trying to mimic the Leather Pride and Bear Pride flags, which have shapes in that corner as well… I was not intending to include any political overtones!)

Thanks, Scars!  So simple, yet so bold!





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