Limiting the campaign to Mad Pride Toronto: An update…

Published January 24, 2012 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

So some other local (Torontonian) Mad Pridesters and I think it’s best to limit this flag campaign to our fair city, and if people elsewhere wish to adopt the same flag, well, that’s just dandy.  Colours can mean different things to different political and/or ethnic groups, and there’s no pleasing everyone, so placing limits is probably best, so that not everyone around the world has to agree with what is decided on, because that is simply impossible.

It was also suggested that entries be drafted in time for Mad Pride Toronto 2012 (in July), and that there be a vote-in, to decide which design is most appropriate/ appreciated.  This is not a definite plan just yet, but it could be moved forward in the next little while.

I welcome people of other countries/regions to continue to share their ideas/designs, but keep in mind that it’s looking more and more like the final decision for the Toronto Mad Pride flag will be in… Toronto.

Happy flagging!




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