Still here!

Published March 27, 2013 by madprideflagdesigncampaign


So what I’m thinking about doing is making some Mad Pride flags for this year’s celebration, to give out, to see if they catch on. Here’s another design idea – combining the Cheshire Cat stripes with the winged psi.



2 comments on “Still here!

  • i love everything you come up with. have you emailled any designs to the organizing committee or whatever? i went on the website and they’re all “we don’t have a flag” and i was about to just email them one of yours, but no bc i don’t want to trample your inertia or plans. but it looks like you could email them at ?? whatever happens with whatever flag, i want one!!! <33333

    • I submitted to them, but I’m not sure what’s happening. Some friends of mine are on the committee, so I should probably ask. Personally I’m partial to one of my Cheshire Cat designs, but that’s just me. I won’t be jealous if someone else’s design is chosen – I just want a bloody flag!!

      BTW, Fuck Yeah Mad Pride is one of my fave Mad Pride sites – I love your idea for the mood rings as Mad Swag idea!

      Thanks for the compliments!

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