New take on Cheshire Cat flag (de-Disneyfied…)

Published January 10, 2012 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

So, this is a prototype:

Enough people said they thought it was best to remove the Disneyfied Cheshire Cat face, which I agreed with wholeheartedly.  The stripe colours stay with this design (most people agree this colour scheme is more attractive than the yellows, reds and blacks, which were rather harsh).  The face here was quickly done in Photoshop with the shape tools.  Again, don’t consider this anything more than another idea, for now.

So… what do you like about it?  What would you change?  How would you change the cat face, or the reference?  Should we just be going with the coloured stripes, with no cat features, or would that on its own be too obscure?

Feedback, please!  I’ll love you forever!  🙂



Update: Sorry about the delay!

Published December 28, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

I’ve been extremely busy lately, what with the holidays, my other projects, and my job.  But I wanted to make a quick update on this site so that no one thought the project had been abandoned.

It seems that the Cheshire Cat stripes design has been the most popular (that I’m aware of).  It has also been suggested (and I was thinking the same) that the Disney motif of the eyes and smile be dropped, in favour of an alternative Cheshire Cat facial features design.  I agree wholeheartedly with the idea… I just haven’t gotten around to coming up with an updated design yet.  (I continually invite others to submit their designs as well.)

I hope everyone had a happy holidays, and that you’re all in for a great New Year’s!  (I’ll be working that night… *grumbles*)


Cheshire Cat design updates, and other ideas…

Published December 4, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

Here are two more takes on the Cheshire Cat design idea: one with whiskers, and the other without.  Not sure which would be best – while the first looks more like the face of the Cat, the second is cleaner looking as a design.

Val Resh suggested use of Edward Munch’s “The Scream”, which has long been associated with madness.  (I know that Mad Pridester Dolly Sen has dressed as The Scream during one of her performances, for example:

Wundernutbar sent me this image: a Happy & Sad theatre mask-inspired Yin Yang.

More to come!


Cheshire Cat flag colour edit…

Published November 29, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

I later noticed that the colours for the first version of this flag were incorrect, as the picture of the Disney Cheshire Cat I took them from was of the wrong hues.  So, here’s another take on the colours.  (I will probably also have at least one other version, with a different expression from the Cat itself.)


Inspired by the Cheshire Cat…

Published November 29, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

That last entry had me thinking that the Cheshire Cat might not be the worst idea for a design.  I was inspired by the stripes on the Cat’s body (from Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the original) and made a Pride-style flag with them.  Then, I Photoshopped the grin, eyes, and nose of the cat into the corner.  (Perhaps this is not the best capture of the Cat’s expression?)  Anyway, this is a much more playful idea for a Mad Pride flag than my previous efforts.  What do you think?

(I don’t think this would lead to any copyright issues with Disney, if it’s used in this context.  The other consideration I had was adding a Louis Wain-style cat instead.)


New flag design, sent in by Katherine…

Published November 29, 2011 by madprideflagdesigncampaign

Hello – and sorry for the delay between the updates!

This flag design was sent in by Katherine, and is called “Synaptic Kitty”.  (Funny, one idea that kept coming to my mind was incorporating the Cheshire Cat’s smile somehow!)

Please continue to submit your designs to this blog.  I will try to update this regularly with new designs and information.